How ‘Black Lives Matter’ Evolved from a Social Media Hashtag to a Movement

George Floyd is a name that has been in the media for a long time now, not just for the crime that shocked the world but also for the justice that the public seeks for him. He was physically assailed in the most gruesome form by a few cops of the Minneapolis police department. This should be an event that has altered the lives of millions across the globe. But as time goes, more people step into the shoes of the cops and propagate the nefarious ideas of discrimination.

The 46-year-old man did not deserve to die that way, and the world has reacted to that as well. But it was now that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement began spreading like wildfire all around the world since every country faces racism or discrimination on several grounds. Now, as the movement is becoming a widely popular one, there is a need for a retrospect on all our deeds and the digging for roots of the revolutionary slogan that started off as a hashtag campaign.

The Advent of the Activist Movement

Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager, was shot dead by George Zimmerman in July 2013 in Florida. As soon as George was acquitted for the murder, the hashtag activist movement was on the grounds. Almost all citizens and the minor communities of the state started protesting through such media and other available platforms. It was in 2014 that the activist movement garnered more popularity when two unarmed men were murdered in Staten Island and Ferguson. The indictment of the police officers involved in the murder was the objective of this widespread movement, but not a single officer was convicted or tried at that point.

Social Media

But the history of African American men and boys falling dead on the streets may date back to the past century. Around four to five cases are being reported every year that turn out to be outrageous events in the history of the country. Toxic masculinity is being fostered within the community as the teenager boys grow with hostility towards their fellow beings with a dark complexion. This goes on to develop within them, and the ones who turn out to be cops feel a sense of authority over everyone else on the streets.

Evolution from Protests to Policy Solutions

Black Lives Matter became the topic of discussion with this incident in 2020, and the movement has come into the public consciousness so much so that the world has joined hands to fight for justice. But like any other event in the history of things, this may go down to become the spur for another cop to strangle or smother another human being to death.

In the Ferguson case, the US Department of Justice announced many of the findings to be inappropriate and inadequate. Several such shortcomings on the side of department proved to be a setback for the movement in the pursuit of justice. However, the city of Ferguson announced after two weeks that the remedies for their unconstitutional law enforcement would be put into action. The activist movement has grown since then into a different league in fighting for justice, and it has found its place in the world with the current situation.

Post Author: Doris Castillo