Guaranteed Car Finance UK

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Would you get car financing right NOW if you knew you were almost assured of getting a loan?

There are many benefits of using credit brokers like us over traditional sources of car finance.

We have a high approval rate

Our car finance is almost guaranteed. If you meet basic eligibility requirements and apply for a car loan, you are almost assured of getting one. We have software that matches borrowers with affordable lenders with the highest probability of lending. You’ll even know your chances of securing a loan before you apply.

How else do you guarantee high loan approval rates?

Loan applications are usually declined because of minor reasons like errors in the application form. If there is a typo in your name, you just need to correct such errors before reapplying. Our lending partners don’t reject car loan applications because of flimsy reasons.

We won’t check your credit score or damage it if you ask for a quote

Many people seeking car finance are denied loans or subjected to high borrowing costs because of bad credit scores. We don’t check your credit score or history and use such information to decide whether to approve or decline loan applications. Since the credit score “factor” isn’t considered, we can provide car finance to almost everyone who applies with us.

Most importantly, asking for a quote from us doesn’t damage your credit score and lower your chances of securing financing in the future.

We offer up to £25,000 guaranteed car finance

You can qualify for car financing up to £25,000. Our loan amounts are sizeable, considering you just need to be an adult living in the United Kingdom with a job or have proof of income. Traditional sources of car loans come with more stringent requirements minus the assurances of a high approval rate if you meet the requirements. With financing up to £25,000, you have many cars within your reach.

We offer car finance within minutes

You can secure car financing with us within 15 minutes. We have a loan application, verification, approval, and disbursement process that is designed for speed. It takes minutes to request for a quote (seconds if you are fast enough at filling-in your personal information). The entire process is automatic without human elements known to cause unnecessary delays. After signing the loan agreement electronically, funds should reflect in your bank a/c within 15 minutes.

With credit brokers like us, you can shop for a car, get financing and buy the car you want the same day.

Post Author: Doris Castillo