Eight Essentials for Hiking and Camping

Hiking is a good hobby that can give you a break from your regular life from time to time. As you start getting more and more used to your hiking routine, you may as well get these essentials to do it right. These ten essentials will keep you prepared for any type of situation during hiking, from lighting a fire to help a friend stuck in a problem.


Now that you are exploring the wilds of the unknown, you better have the right navigation tools to bring you back safely from where you started. Having some of the navigation can also make it easy for others to find you if you get lost. You can carry a map, compass, GPS device, altimeter watch, and a satellite messenger with you.



Headlamp does not fit in any category, but it is essential for you to find a way through the wilderness at night. You will need another light sound such as a solar-powered torch in your backpack, but having a headlamp will give you two free hands to work with when you are night camping in a forest.

Sun protection

You need to protect your body from the sunburns and heat when you are hiking on a bright day. You will need sunglasses, sunscreen, and lightweight sun-protective clothes to keep yourself cool and sweat-free.

First aid

You must have first aid in your backpack as hiking is an adventure sport and getting wounded is common in hiking a difficult terrain. You will also need items like foot care, insect repellent in your first aid, considering the area conditions.

Geat repair kit

You need to keep a few essentials to repair your travelling gear in case of tear and break. It includes duct tape, fabric repair tape, zip ties, and repair parts for a water filter, tent poles, sleeping pad, and climbing gear. A knife is a must during a hike which will help you in food preparation, first aid, gathering sticks for the fire, etc.


You will need tools to make your own fire during the camp. You can carry waterproof matches, lighter, burner, and a portable stove with you to help yourself in cooking and keeping warm.



Your camping gear should include everything that can keep you safe and warm in the camps. You can also carry an extra emergency shelter to protect yourself if you get stranded without your camping team. You cannot carry your tent everywhere, especially when you have camped.

Extra food and water

Always have more food with you when you are going on a trip. Having more than enough energy bars will always help you out. Pack more items that do not require cooking. Consider bringing an extra day supply with you. You will also need more bottles to refill for your hike whenever you get a chance to get fresh water.



Post Author: Doris Castillo